Catocracy is a concept, where free people can exchange information without the fear of losing data. Voting on issues, projects and posts, rewarding each other with virtual tokens.

Hive blockchain has been a really promising digital environment, with many ways to make use of it and build on top of. One could consider, that the technology does to data and social media, what Bitcoin did for currencies.

Now is a time of a Great Reset, and it is up to each individual, what it means. Some may get scared of the rapidly growing dystopia by people in high places, some may start building new communities.

Even the big platforms are controlled, somehow my friends YT channel has grown in subscriptions and the local perspectives and areas are becoming more familiar to the community. Many controversial subjects, no wonder the algorithms are not showing it to the wider audience.

During a month of video adventures, people started to call me the Cat Man, due my hobby of snapping pictures of stray cats. I like to live like them, free and independent.

Feral side of humans has been mostly domesticated out, due the indoctrination systems. Following instincts, protecting the community, thinking for oneself and providing for others.

Seeing problems as opportunities to make them obsolete is not an easy approach to take, but it is rewarding. When information is being hidden, it is wise to store stories in a decentralized database.

The old systems have failed and it is our mission to create the world we want and is best for the living planet. Not focused on a molecule or a protein chain, understanding everything affects everything else.

Having no fear and having good adventure friends enables one to make virtual and material environments, making experimentations on plants and communicating with people with different reality tunnels.

So if the structure of a system is solid, the communities of the future will have direct decision-making, local tokens, information sharing and storing platforms etc.

That has been possible for a while now, Hive is a versatile blockchain with various benefits. There are already many Tribes with their own interfaces and rewarding systems, video services and the digisystem includes many working tokens already.

The vision is to have a community who likes to jump into the unknown, make an example that things can go in a good way too. Not just the doom and gloom, the marketing companies love to put out there.

New year and new tricks, surely there will be more oppression from the psychopathic self-proclaimed leaders, but not even the upcoming vaxx registry will stop the new revolution of consciousness.
It appears, that perhaps the dark energies get the upper hand this time, but still have proven that one can live for years outside the “system” when understanding the difference between currencies and resources. You give some, you get more.

Tools in use so far:
Telegram group for instant communication: https://t.me/catocracy
Hive Blochchain: https://ecency.com/faq
Dblog publishing platform: https://catocracy.dblog.org/